An unusual duo comprised of oboe and guitar where the improvisation is an important element. Through Brazilian songs, jazz standards, classical pieces and original compositions, we can enjoy the warm sound of the oboe, the rich harmonies of the guitar and the groove they create while playing together in a chamber music setting.

Maripepa Contreras and Rogério Bicudo both studied classical music and become interested in modern music. They share the love for Brazilian songs, choro music and melodic improvisations with harmonic and rhythmical variations.


Repertoire: S.Bergin, A.Ibrahim, R.Bicudo, Choro, M.Moore, W.Shorter, J.Coltrane, A.C.Jobim

Rogério Bicudo and Michael Moore, two very experienced musicians with different musical backgrounds, share a common sense of the warm atmosphere and swinging rhythmic richness of emotion of the Brazilian musical tradition.

This extraordinary duo complements each other, but also leaves enough room so every song continues to surprise and amaze their audience.

Bicudo and Moore both play a varied repertoire including their own compositions, jazz classics, Brazilian and South African themes. All in a surprising variety of lyrical moments, cheerful moods, lively rhythms. A world class duo!

Rogério Bicudo

Bazilian guitarist / composer and singer Rogerio Bicudo is a very talented instrumentalist with a very recognizable signature sound. With his melodic and highly rhythmic guitar Bicudo lets his audience enjoy the versatility of the acoustic guitar, accompanying them into a musical journey where jazz elements are intertwined, inspiring and creatively, with swinging and catchy rhythms.


Michael Moore

Alto saxophonist / clarinetist and composer Michael Moore can seemlessly glide between traditional and improvisational jazz. He is a well known musician in both the American jazz scene as well as the Dutch improvised music tradition, but his compositions and style of play are also influenced by music from other cultures.

Moore won the prestigious Boy Edgar Award and was acknowledged by the North Sea Jazz Festival for all his efforts for the Dutch national jazz scene and was honored with a Bird Award.

As 'Choro Combinado', a quartet founded by Bicudo in 1990 with Moore as a member, they have released two CDs: 'Sonoroso' (BVHaast) and 'Curare' (CSA Records).

The press about Bicudo and Moore

“ ..The interplay between Michael Moore's reed work and the shimmering fretwork of Rogerio Bicudo is instinctual and immediate, as they wend and waft their way through these melodies with alacrity and grace, challenging the rhythm..”

(Thom Jurek – All Music Guide)

“Uit Amsterdam komt de ziel van de Braziliaanse Muziek”

(Ineke Holtwijk-Volkskrant)

“ Braziliaanse Kamerjazz van de bovenste plank”

“…De gitarist opende het concert in zijn eentje. Zo kon hij de hele avond vol spelen. Door de innerlijke swing die uit zijn spannende muziek vloeide, moest je wel bewegen.”

“ De muziek veerde en zweefde. Dit is Braziliaanse muziek waarvan je altijd chronisch te kort in huis hebt. Wat een geluk dat er concerten als deze zijn.”

(Hessel Fluitman-Friesch Dagblad)

“…Bicudo speelt gitaar, waarin hij een meester is, en zingt. Hij zingt sonoor en bescheiden, in de traditie van de grote Braziliaanse klassieken zoals Chico Buarque of Paulinho da Viola, andere beroemde zingende gitaarspelers. Bicudo’s ietwat schorre stem intrigeert…”

(Ineke Holtwijk)

Photo: Mascha Jansen