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Het Parool on 'The Americas' (June 2020)

Program 'As Americas' - Rogerio Bicudo

NRC Handelsblad on Wonderfeel festival (2016)

NRC Handelsblad (Wonderfeel festival, 2015)

Fries Dagblad (2013)

Uitagenda Rotterdam (2011)

De Volkskrant (2011)

Folha da Manha (2011)

Gooi en Eemlander (2011)

FolhaDois (2010)

Folha da Manha (2010)

De Volkskrant (2000)


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Isabel dos Santos, via belbicudo at or tel. +31- (0)6 2006 1937


Rogério Bicudo started playing the guitar at the age of six. Rogério Bicudo (1957) guitarist, singer and composer, started his musical career at a very young age. He started to play the guitar at the age of six, becoming professional at the age of twelve, playing mainly Brazilian popular music. 


After finishing his studies at Escola de Música Villa–Lobos in Rio de Janeiro he started to study classical guitar with Odair Assad. In 1982 he moved to Spain and continued his classical studies there at the Real Conservatório de Madrid. Since 1988 he has been living in the Netherlands.

Despite his classical background, Bicudo is a dedicated interpreter and composer of Samba, Choro and other rhythms of the rich Brazilian Popular Music. Choro is a virtuoso music genre from Rio de Janeiro which includes many improvisation elements. In Rogério Bicudos music one can hear the influences of both worlds; with his great musicality he plays with the technique of a chamber musician and the swing of a popular artist.


He lives in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro, influences of both worlds can be heard in his music. With jazzy swinging sounds and rhythms, without losing traditional values.

Rogério Bicudo invites you to take a dive into the intimacy of a unique and very special musical universe!